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Market Intelligence

We design and develop solutions to understand, analyse and fully evaluate the internal and external environment relating to our Clients,


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Technology Intelligence

We help and enable our Clients to identify, target and monitor technological opportunities and threats within the Innovation Economy ecosystem.


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Investment Intelligence

We acquire and structure a vast range of alternative data sets for industrial and non-industrial investment objectives, enriching the analysis and evaluation power of the targets with indicators, metrics and analysis


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Scenario Analysis

We identify and define strategic options for business, political, economic, social and cultural, academic and research entities using proprietary analysis-response tools in scenario modelling.


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We are managers, strategists, academics, researchers, professionals, technologists, and experts in data sciences, scenario planning, intelligence, marketing, communication, and other professional backgrounds.
We work together to methodologically overcome the walls between knowledge paradigms and roles but with the pragmatism of organising and orienting commitment and resources to achieve the result expected by our Clients.
We feed our path with the values of inclusiveness and sensitivity to social and environmental issues: we apply them first to ourselves, to our way of teaming up and being a team.
A transdisciplinary model of value creation for companies, professionals, organizations, territories, and communities that uses data-driven solutions as a function of financial and economic goals but, above all, human well-being.


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