Seed Capital Pro, Pioneer and Leader in Innovation & Sustainability

Management e alcuni membri dei team di Seed Capital Pro in una sessione di lavoro in tema ESG e Intelligence

Seed Capital Pro, Since 2016 a Story of Success Born from Experience and Courage

Management and some team members of Seed Capital Pro in an ESG and Intelligence working session
The management and some team leaders of Seed Capital Pro

Seed Capital Pro: Pioneers and Leaders in Transdisciplinary Innovation and ESG Sustainability

One of the most vibrant perspectives of Seed Capital Pro’s vision is to methodically overcome barriers between knowledge paradigms and roles, through the pragmatism of organising and directing effort and resources to achieve the results expected by its clients. With this imprinting, Seed Capital Pro was born in 2016, giving new form and substance to the experiences and legal-economic, financial, technological, and informational competencies of a team of professionals. The three founding partners are: Giancarlo Puddu, Chief Operating Officer with extensive experience in intelligence, also applied to business; Piercarlo Rossi, academic project coordinator, board member in listed companies and in a leading bank of the cooperative credit system, and full professor of Comparative Law at the Management Department of the University of Turin; and Emanuele Sgariboldi Financial Director, wealth and investment advisor with 25 years of experience, and Corporate Fintech Consultant. Today, the Seed Capital Pro team is supported by professionals like Stefano Pirilli, CEO and compliance manager specialised in corporate compliance, and Cinzia Alasonatti, CEO, chartered accountant and legal auditor.


ESG Sustainability: Not Just Rhetoric but Performance and Inclusivity

Seed Capital Pro also believes in and applies the values of ESG sustainability (Environmental, Social, Governance), going beyond mere service offerings: sustainability and performance are qualifying elements of the company’s life and the professional journey of those who are part of SCP, as its members and clients like to abbreviate its name in this acronym. Supporting a value ecosystem that we contribute to first and foremost allows SCP and its professionals to avoid offering ephemeral and dangerous rhetoric typical of esg-washing, and avoids misaligning each intervention from the fundamental pragmatic objectives of performance: SCP lives and offers sustainability and performance improvement. An example of this is the significant role that inclusivity plays in addressing ESG issues: the company also embraces inclusivity in its operations, consistently following a transdisciplinary model of creating value for businesses, professionals, organisations, territories, and communities.


Services. From Idea to Execution: SCP’s Operation and Team Deployment

Seed Capital Pro offers services in nine areas through three main focused teams:

  1. The Legal Governance, Risk Management, and Compliance (LGRC) team helps clients identify and achieve governance, risk management, and compliance objectives with law, standards, and best practices, to improve performance and favourably manage the transition towards sustainability. It offers advanced solutions in governance and compliance, integrating the best practices of digital intelligence to improve and optimise risk management, organisation, and business performance. It operates by working on a precise roadmap with short, medium, and long-term objectives and scheduled deliveries, in addition to offering mentorship to the client’s accountability manager.
  2. The Advisory & Consulting (A&C) team assists the client in a strategic and operational manner, supporting them in the decision-making process and in problem-solving, using proprietary digital intelligence systems, professional competencies, and multi-sector skills. The A&C team, therefore, supports the client in guiding their programming, from mapping strategic objectives to planning investments, and in managing change in all its facets, whether it is a crisis, disruption, volatility, instability, or a shortage or overload of information at both the strategic and operational levels. The goal is twofold: to transform challenges into opportunities and solutions into competitive advantages.
  3. The Advanced Knowledge-based Services and Innovation Resources (AKSIR) team, finally, takes care of the Market Intelligence and Data Science Lab (MIDSL) at Seed Capital Pro: a true lab supporting internal decisions at SCP and external client-focused ones. AKSIR is the operational brain at the frontier of development.


Research and Development Initiatives and Network

From its inception, Seed Capital Pro has been a proponent of a development policy centred on dialogue between the academic and non-academic research ecosystem and the economic entities and business ecosystem. In addition to active participation in university projects, as well as conventions and collaboration agreements, SCP is a founding member of the Observatory for Business, Innovation, Competence, Sustainability, and Technology (BICSTO) and is a founding member of the Green EcoFinance Challenge (GEFC).

BICSTO operates by monitoring and evaluating the trends and impacts of the socio-economic dynamics of cutting-edge technologies, while GEFC is an active protagonist in the challenge of economic and financial sustainability. Through the Observatory and Technical Table dedicated to the challenge of sustainable finance and economics, GEFC outlines and implements effective ESG solutions, anticipating and defining future trends through analysis, sharing, innovative strategies, and the creation of strong networks among universities, research centres, entities, companies, professionals, and institutions. GEFC and SCP are also at the forefront in the dissemination of solutions and best practices, and in the success stories of these current challenges, thanks to the organisation of comparison and dissemination events that have been significantly successful and appreciated, such as the GEFC2023 event “Visions, objectives, ESG transition, for businesses, entities and professionals in the challenge of sustainable competitiveness”.