Sustainability and ESG: The Challenge for Entrepreneurship and Beyond

Locandina dell'evento 'Green EcoFinance Challenge' che si terrà l'8 Novembre 2023 presso l'Università del Piemonte Orientale, focalizzato su visioni, obiettivi e transizione ESG per la competitività sostenibile. L'immagine mostra grafiche colorate che rappresentano l'innovazione e la sostenibilità.

Sustainability and ESG: The Entrepreneurial Challenge

Poster of the Green EcoFinance Challenge on November 8, 2023, with a lively illustration of a stylised hot-air balloon made of panels showing people engaged in sustainable activities. The event, to be held at the Auditorium Complesso Perrone UPO in Novara, will discuss visions, goals, and ESG transition for businesses and professionals.
Poster of the GEFC2023 event, with details for participating on November 8. The Auditorium Complesso Perrone UPO will turn into an epicentre of strategic dialogue for a sustainable and prosperous future.

ESG transition and sustainability are today a crucial theme in entrepreneurship, a challenge widely discussed but rarely framed accurately.

Businesses hear about ESG and often see it as just another tax to pay, focusing superficially only on the first letter of the acronym, ‘E’ for Environment. However, environmental impact alone is not enough if detached from Governance and its subsequent social impact: environmental impact is essential, but it is a result; it is largely the outcome of choices, decisions… In essence, it is often, and most importantly, the result of an organisation’s governance. The framework of this unavoidable challenge is more complex but not necessarily more difficult than other challenges,” asserts Giancarlo Puddu in an interview released by the management of Seed Capital Pro for Torino Magazine, titled ‘ESG Transition and Competitive Development: Everything You Need to Know‘.

GEFC2023: “Visions, Goals, ESG Transition for Businesses, Entities, and Professionals in the Sustainable Competitiveness Challenge”

Back of the 'Green EcoFinance Challenge' event poster for November 8, 2023, at the University of Eastern Piedmont, focusing on visions, goals, and ESG transition for sustainable competitiveness. The image displays colourful graphics representing innovation and sustainability.
Back of the GEFC2023 poster. Centring on the dialogue about sustainability challenges and opportunities in the Green EcoFinance Challenge.

The topic and its related challenges, along with other connected themes, will be exhaustively addressed on November 8, at an event organised by Green EcoFinance Challenge in collaboration with Seed Capital Pro, IUSEFOR Training Agency, and IUSE (University Institute of European Studies), with the patronage of the ODCEC, Order of Chartered Accountants and Accounting Experts, the Municipality of Novara, and the University of Eastern Piedmont, at the University Auditorium in Novara.
“We will discuss with professionals, managers, and companies how ESG sustainability should be interpreted, offering solutions for managing the transition or understanding if it is being done well,” underlines Stefani Pirilli, administrator at Seed Capital Pro.
Four thematic panels will contextualise and map the path towards sustainability: analysis, planning, action, and communication; with an aim to also include critical voices and viewpoints to transcend mere declarations and rhetoric.
Moderated by Giancarlo Puddu, renowned academics, managers, investors, representatives of the business world, professionals, and experts will be the protagonists of the event and panels, to delineate the convergence of sustainability and performance in favour of ESG competitive strategies.